Happy new year!!!

Happy new year everyone!!

Well 2011 was a random year! A lot changed, gave up drinking, became a domme, got in to nude/fetish modelling. Looking forward to launching my new site this year, late spring I hope! been working on it all day today, finding U.K models who will get there kit off and show there lady parts or PUSSY rather! haha. I have no tact don’t know why I’m pretending I do.  So yeah it’s all full steam ahead with work this year, modelling for others my own site and working as a Mistress, I now do 3 regular days at the Dungeon, Tue, Fri and Sat. I’m saving for a trip to L.A/Vegas in Sept and would like some kinda transport at some point, also wanna get more tattoos and of cause I am paying my web developer to make my new site. So I’m working hard to make all these things happen and that’s what I’ll continue to do this year.  Hope you have a good 2012 and remember that all your dreams can come true if you work hard, I never thought I would be doing what I’m doing now, in the words of Nikki Sixx ‘It’s never to late too wake up, it’s never to late too change’.

I will put some more pics up soon, need to get to the gym first ate shit loads in the last week or so :-S hahaha.

Oh and now I no longer listen to rock radio I listen to this online one-  http://www.chronixradio.com/ it’s better and there’s no talking at all 😀

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