Laptop back on!

So after I posted my last blog saying I had dyed my hair blue again (well the undercut bit) I went to sleep…. And woke up at 1.30AM with my scalp burning! Only on the undercut bit I had dyed blue, it was killing like when bleach burns but way worse. So I got up and washed that bit took some anti allergy tablets and went back to sleep. It was OK in the morning but it kinda freaked me out, I use bright colour dyes all the time, since I was like 16 and I never do an allergy test, made me think I should be more careful! :-S

But now I do have a blue undercut and I put some blue bits in my long side too.

I also found out I can’t really move where I was gonna move so now I’m looking for another place, so got loads on right now. So me and Whiskey went to a rock club to dance our troubles away and it was dead! Crap night went home early. So not the best Saturday ever! Had a better Sunday tho, it was my Mum’s Birthday so we went for an Italian meal which was really nice, then to Hard Rock, was fun.

So today I’ve just been looking for flats and such at home, we have the Facebook event ready for the next Raven Sin Rock N’ Metal Burlesque night now,
We have 5 performers including ME!! Also I’m on the poster! Pretty cool eh?


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