getting my own place!

So I’m gonna be getting my own flat, all to myself, just me! Pretty excited as I’ve never lived on my own before! I’m gonna decorate it so good! Rock N’ Roll vs Hello Kitty theme haha! so I’m looking in South Manchester, I’m so over living in town, to busy and its a rip off! Also miss trees and parks and such! Sick of fighting my way down market st every day. So yeah I’m pretty excited to move, will be in 1 month.

Apart from moving I’ve just been working and seeing mates like every night, fun. Went for afternoon tea with my mate kay the other day and last night went to Room for my mate toms b day and ate really posh small food! I’m just on the way to another mates for tea now, writing this on the bus. Have a shoot at the dungeon on sat so more new pics up soon. SSx

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