So I have been v busy lately! It is Raven Sin on Friday, the rock n’ metal clubnight I co run. It is at Retro bar Manchester from 10pm-3am. More info on the FB event here- We have girls performing Burlesque to Rob Zombie, Hole, Pulp Fiction sound track, Blowing for soup, Alice Cooper and much more, all for £5!! And hosted by ME! 🙂 Be there!!!


I am also getting my hair cut in to a mohawk on Thursday night in time for Raven Sin Fri, Everyone has a shaved side now so I’m going the whole way! Also my hair is fucked from all the bleach so I need it cut haha! here is some  pics I’m getting inspiration from…


So guess I’m still a punk rocker at heart 😉 Can’t wait, I’m gonna have the shaved sides white and the mohawk baby pink and I of cause will be rockin extensions in many a shade like Tank Girl. hehe.

So aside from the Burlesque and hair chopping I will be moving to my new flat on Sunday! getting my very own place, so what a week it will be! Wish me luck.

Here are some pics of me out for my sisters b day on Sat-



Check out what I have been up to at the dungeon on my Mistress site at

Hope to see you at Raven Sin!

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