New house, new hair, 6 months off the booze!!!

So I have moved now in to my own flat, in south Manchester in the suburbs! … and so far I LOVE it!!! I moved in on Sunday and last night I worked out that I haven’t drank for 6 months smack bang on Sun! So that’s kinda cool, celebrating not drinking for 6 months by getting MY very own flat! WOO HOO! I love having my own space and I have lot’s of cool house stuff like a pink kettle, Union Jack blanket,Β  and hello kitty glasses, coasters and lamp! Haha! I haven’t put all my posters up yet but I will be doing asap so I’ll post some pics when I do.

I also now have my mohawk!! I have some pics below but they aren’t that clear, the best I could do before work this morning! It’s hard to take pics of the back of my own head! :-S I’m dying the short sides white blonde and having the mohawk lighter pink as of tomorrow so will get better pics with the new colour asap.


























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