Decorating My flat and My head!

Hey! So I STILL don’t have the internet, I’m just at my friends using hers. SO My hair is now lighter, pinky/orange it’s pretty cool and the sides (which I shaved to grade 1 this week all by Myself!) are now blonde. I’m lovin’ My mohawk, it can be a tad cold sometimes tho! haha. I have a hat tho so it’s OK. Below are some pics of My new hair!

So My work is going well with regards to the Dungeon and working on My fetish/alt porno site. I am very happy right now I have a lot of wonderful friends around Me and have been sober over 6 months now, I have really found out who My true friends are, the ones who support Me with everything I do and My not drinking, I’m very glad to have such good people around Me.Β Also I am settling in to my new flat well πŸ™‚ I have decorated now and I LOVE having my own place, it totally rocks. Β I got some cool new prints for My flat at the Manchester tattoo tea party which I went to on Sunday…. Here are some pics of My walls and Me πŸ™‚












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