I LOVE Steel Panther!!!!!!

So I had the best weekend in London, went to see Steel Panther, it was AMAZING! So good I just got tickets for the Nov show in Manchester, I have to get on stage in Nov I have failed the last 2 times I’ve seen them. 😦 Gonna have to wear less clothing next time and get near the front!  Kinda failed to get near the front on Sat for stupid reasons like trips to the bar and talking to a fake Bret Michales as you do! Also did other shit in London like eat lot’s of food and go to the V & A. Obvs Steel Panther was what it was all about tho!!!  So many people took pics of us! Like London was not ready for us haha, we got stared at everywhere we went so we started saying ’50p a stare please’ haha. Some woman even took a pic of us at the V&A where we were dressed casual (for us) and she was like this is why you do it isn’t it? Errrr yeah random lady, it’s what I live for.

Also good news today is that my porn/fetish site has nearly been made! Spoke to my web designer, now I just have to finish all the content and it will be launched! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH and if you can’t wait till my site is live you can see me on cam at http://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1359018&TargetURL=MyDetails%2Easp&NoHit=1  I will be on tomorrow (Tue 3rd April) afternoon time GMT, should also be online on Thurs and Fri follow me on twitter @thesalomesin for show times, themes and such 😉

Check me, my sis and mate Vic at steel Panther-  Glam rock groupies-

2 Comments Add yours

  1. playme says:

    fit as fuck pink fishnets

    1. salomesin says:

      That’s what I thought too!

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