Geek Girls online!


So I will soon be modelling for Geek Girls Online, which is a geeky theme porn site, over at for my first set I am thinking something along the lines of Princess Peach, I found some Princess Peach porn of the animated kind last night, kinda cool and nuts. I think I will make my own sexy Princess Peach outfit 🙂 I already have a parasol! If you never played Super Mario you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about, loser! haha. Mario is the man.

I have been shooting quite a lot right now, as well as working for others I’m focusing on making sets for my own alt porn and fetish site ‘Original Sinners’ at the moment, the site is pretty much built I just need to fill it with content now!! And it will be launched when I have enough content to do so. I am doing an updated version of my ‘Pin-up Launderette’ shoot for the site on Tuesday so I’m pretty excited about that, last time I only went topless but this time it will of cause be an erotic set! 😉  I have also been spending a lot of time scouting alt models to work on my site, I have found some so that’s cool and I will also be working with fallow Mistresses too, as of cause my site will feature all fetish sets, all sex sets and then some fetish sex sets! So something for every alt porn kinky pervert ! 😉

This weekend I am going watching Hunger Games and going to a tattoo convention tomorrow. I will be sure to take a load of pics for my blog!! Oh and I have an eye test on Tue, I wanna learn to ride and I’m not sure I can read a number plate at 20 meters which is apparently a problem! So I may need more glasses as now I only need them for the laptop/3DS/reading that kinda thing, I actually started camming in my glasses as I really can’t read what people are writing without them! Which is kinda a problem! (can obviously take them off in a private show if desired) Also I was ending up with a massive headache after camming from eye strain, but camming in glasses went well, guess they look cute! To see what I’m up to and when I will be on cam follow me on twitter, @thesalomesin

Have a good weekend guys!

Pics- old Launderette shoot, me camming and able to see, Princess peach porn!


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