To photographers reading my blog!

I am offering discounted rates at the moment, I can shoot from home or travel and am a very experienced fetish/adult/alt model. I have a tattooed, curvy look. Please have a look at my port on my page, all tattoos done by award winning artists, I work out/in good shape, pink/blonde/black hair, unique look! And fun sweet girl πŸ™‚ Very good at own hair and make-up and have lots of outfits/shoes!

Some comments from photographers-

‘Salome is a very unique and beautiful young woman, one of the most versatile models I have worked with’

‘Great session. Very friendly, easy going and versatile model. Made a big contribution to my fetish project’

‘A great personality with fantastic eyes and great range of poses.Just can’t praise her enough-she’s a joy to photograph’

‘She is a joy to work with,knows how to pose and corset correctly,has a great look and beautiful eyes. I would recommend Salome to any tog looking to shoot a true professional’


Fashion- Β£15ph NOW Β£10ph

Lingerie-Β£20ph NOW Β£15ph

Topless-Β£25ph NOW Β£20ph

Glamour nude-Β£30ph NOW Β£25ph

U.K/U.S mag-Β£40ph or 2 hours for Β£70 NOW Β£35ph or 2h for Β£60!!

Continental mag- Β£50ph or 2 hours for Β£90 NOW Β£40ph or Β£2h for Β£70!!

Nude Fetish (depending on assignment but usually)-50ph or 2 hours for Β£90 NOW 40ph or 2h for Β£70!!

So if you want a creative model with a totally unique look get in touch at salome_sin@hotmail.co.uk

follow me on Twitter @thesalomesin


Oh and I JUST got a Net-ModelΒ http://www.net-model.com/Portfolios/ModelPortfolio.asp?UserID=177242&IID=&cmd=&linking=

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