I’m sick :(

So I have spent all bank holiday ill, I was a bit unwell at the start of last week… On the day of Guns and Roses (Tue) I started to feel ill so I ignored it as NOTHING was gonna stop me from going to the gig… but the next day I felt worse so I change my plans of going to Alton Towers to just going for food and a movie with my sis. Anyway by Fri I still feel unwell and also have this massive shooting pain in my lower back.. so I decide I slept funny and go gym to swim it off and have a sauna, this did not help! So by the end of the day I end up at the hospital and turns out the pain was my kidneys and I have an infection! So then sat I was more ill and have been all weekend, still feeling crap now actually but had all myΒ antibiotics now so should be better by wend I hope. You can follow me moan about this on twitter at @thesalomesin HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!


Me last Mon before I was ill, so not posting an ill pic! send me good vibes and I will post something more exciting when I better! SSx

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