So I got my fortune told….

I went to Blackpool on Saturday to get my fortune told with some friends… I had a very odd week in the run up to it too which was freaking me out, lot’s of highs and lows. The fortune teller was called Gypsy Rose-Lee!! Anyway so the fortune teller said…

That I was born under a lucky star and that I’m like a cat with 9 life’s (I was born on Fri 13th haha but I am kinda lucky). I always show my face and I am not ashamed or afraid of anything I do (VERY true, a lot of Dominatrix’s blur there face on the web). That I’m a survivor (also true), I will have a big surprise in a month that will be ace (hope so and will let ya know), that I am destined to run my own business and give orders (well obviously!) and that I will be VERY VERY successful in my career, (so I’m taking that to mean Original Sinners my alt porn site will be huge!) She also said I will never have another broken relationship and 3 kids! 2 boys and a girl! (OMG!  hope that’s not for a while haha) She also said next year will be the best of my life so far and that I will never die sick it will be of old age (prob true now I gave up drinking ha).

So pretty good reading huh? Also had a fun time in Blackpool playing on arcades and eating fish and chips!

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