So I got in to fetish when I was 17…

So I was massively inspired by punk and fetish fashion from an early age, below are some pics from a sketch book I made the summer I turned 17. The sketch book was all about the link with fetish and punk clothing and I started wearing fetish clothing that year. I got My first PVC outfit, a nurses outfit I wore to death at rock nights!! Also often I wore leather collars in pale pink and blue (I was no ones sub, just liked the look) and I got a steel boned purple corset I also wore a lot. Trying to find some photos of Me in these outfits but for now here are pages from My sketch book… Check the ones of 17 year old Me with spiky hair, the anarchy in the U.K dress I made and modeled, maybe this was My first shoot?!

For the full album of My sketch book have a look/add me on Facebook-



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