Me on stage with Steel Panther!! #groupie


So 3rd times a charm for Me seeing Steel Panther, we got on stage finally! well only seen them twice before but 3rd time lucky and We got on stage! Fuck yeah! 🙂 Cause we were at the front and Michael pulled us on stage, I love Michael starr,  he’s so hot, he’s like the perfect size, I know that’s an odd thing to say but he just is haha. And he dresses so well, has a cute face and good hair, yeah I wanna fuck him haha. So we got there and the House of Blues (L.A) is so cool, and small like a good size for a venue, intimate! So we were like this is a totally good place to finally get on stage, and we all looked good and errr, noticeable so we went near the front and yeah as planned got pulled up on stage! Was the best gig ever, while we were on stage they covered ‘Pour some sugar on me’ and sang their classic ‘Death to all but metal’ it was amazing. Then some guy was like you all have to get off stage, I was gutted, but we got right back at the front so was cool. Michael touch my hand like at least 3 times, I love being a Steel Panther groupie. It rocks. I bought one of there bandannas. We went to the after party up stairs but the band didn’t come, the guy who was selling the merch said they would come but now I see that was a marketing ploy! haha, was still fun tho, like a million people came over and said they liked my tattoos, this one dude was telling me how the band are all clean living and married I was like well I don’t drink and showed him My ‘Good Girl’ knuckle tattoos as proof I’m good but he was like errr, I don’t believe you haha. Totally true tho, I haven’t drank for 1 year and 1 month now. One of the best things is remembering nights out, like if I had gone on stage wasted with Steel Panther I wouldn’t be able to write this now, I wouldn’t remember it haha.

I also went to see Poison but missed most of the set cause I was late! 😦 I’m to sad about it to blog about it! The ticket said 6.30 and in the U.K that means doors at 6.30 gig at like 7.30 but not in fucking Santa Barbara, got there at 7 and had missed like most of the set, just caught the last few songs, I actually nearly cried. 😦 I love Bret! Deff Leopard were on too so saw all there set but I have seen them before.. but they were really good so kinda made the night OK, ish.

Anyway us on stage with Steel Panther-


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