NEWS FLASH! I have left The New Manchester Dungeon… Now at chambers in West Mcr…. also some sploshing pics! ;)


I have decided to part ways with the Manchester Dungeon and will no longer be working from the Bury chambers!

I am now working from the chambers of Mistress Lola and Mistress Foxx in the Walkden area of West Manchester. I am available for double Domme sessions with Mistress Lola and Mistress Fox. The Chambers are blue/purple themed with a variety of the highest quality BDSM equipment, including a cross, whipping bench, latex rubber bed, throne, whips, collars, toys, canes and a variety of other equipment. I am available for sessions there right away! Call Me on 07521787823 for info/bookings.

Here is the chamber-

The beautiful Mistress Lola and Mistress Foxx-

I am getting new photos done on Wed this week so I will have lots of new photos up soon, in the meantime here is one of Me taken in Oct-


The first session I did at the new chambers got off to a messy start as it was sploshing! The slave thought I was very cruel indeed, flour and golden syrup to be the most feared substances! As the slave cowered and moaned about his eyes stinging I had a laugh! Oh how funny it was, I made him role in the filth and I have never smelt such a stink from the concoction of foods I used! -I warn any sploshing slaves who come see Me, I’m a sploshing bitch! Session at your own risk. haha.


So to make an appointment with Me and My new chambers call Me on 07521787823 or email

My Domme site-

MSS xx

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