So I have been working on OriginalSinners.net a lot lately and hopefully it will be launched in a month or so! Things are progressing and I have a logo now! Here it is the official Original Sinners logo! I LOVE it!


Here are some preview UNEDITED stills as well from a recent ‘movie night in’ theme Original Sinners set. I love the colours in this set-

DSC_0109 (Medium) DSC_0136 (Medium) DSC_0181 (Medium) DSC_0204 (Medium)

Of course the full edited set will be up on the site when it’s launched.


So I’m taking some time off next week and flying down south for Portsmouth Tattoo extravaganza! I’m really excited to go stay with my good friend Kay. Her Husband will be tattooing at the show and I will be hanging out looking around and maybe get a little tattoo who knows. I’m excited to fly to Southampton as I’ve been to the south coast 3 times on motorways lately which takes ages so it’s gonna be great going in a plain as it only takes an hour! 🙂



I’ve been having fun working at The Manchester Chambers lately,  I have been busy sessioning over Easter which was most enjoyable! I saw a young sissy slut  the other day for 2 hours and we tried lots of things as it was the little whores first session. I do love sissy sessions, here is a pic of my victim.  If your interested in finding out more about my BDSM sessions and my pro Domme life go to http://www.mistress-salome-sin.co.uk/

2013-04-01 18.35.01

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