Stay true

So maybe I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to but I’m having a few set backs with Original Sinners which is kinda getting me down… I REALLY want the site online before August and at the moment I’m not sure if that can happen! I really hope it can and am doing all I can to make sure it happens! So thanks for bearing with me and I will keep you up to date. I did a gothic theme shoot today (a booking not for my own work) and have more shoots planned this week. I’m shooting for Alabama Blue clothing Sat which is my sisters fashion label and we are doing a group lifestyle shoot with 3 other hot hot models so its gonna be rad… Then next week I have some porn bookings and such. I’m starting to shoot other models myself for Original Sinners as I have always wanted it to be a multi girl site, well a me and friends style thing.. So yeah I’m being positive and styling true to my ideas and dreams and hopefully I will get Original Sinners online by August. I bloody hope so anyway.. Cross your fingers for me, and come back soon, will be posting more regular, love Salome xx

Me over the past week-

New tattoo, feet and me pink-




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