I had a great time in Barcelona!!

I had a great holiday in Barcelona, a lovely break and took in a lot of sights….

Here are some of My holiday photos for you to enjoy….

Top left to bottom- Barcelona beach, a pretty building, the Sagrada Familia, double rainbow on the beach!! a quote on Domination I saw in the MACBA, next 3 -Casa Mila, Me in rollers in the hotel, Me in black and white in the hotel bathroom, Me in the sea! Awesome cute street art.

2013-08-07 13.23.24-12013-08-08 12.58.352013-08-08 16.03.552013-08-08 20.28.57-12013-08-09 14.45.552013-08-11 17.06.192013-08-11 17.12.492013-08-11 17.25.352013-08-15 15.32.582013-08-15 15.36.50me sea2013-08-09 17.41.36-1

So that was My holiday πŸ™‚

Β *************

I also turned 31 on the 13th! This is what I had for birthday tea-

2013-08-13 19.36.36-1

Love Salome xxx

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