Sexting and Domme news

Happy Friday!

Friday is update day at my new site Original Sinners!! This weeks update is…

‘Salome’s Sexting’

We all love sexting right? A great way to add some fun to any day… In this unusual update delve in to my private iphone photos and see 61 photos I have sent while sexting over the last couple of months! All sent to my ‘friends’ while genuinely sexting!  A rare insight in to personal unedited images!! Lot’s of very close up naughty shots! Self shot when feeling horny!



So go check that out now on the pics pg-

News from My Pro Dominatrix life!

Here are some of My recent pro Domme adventures from the chambers I work at here in the U.K…

Sploshing at The Yorkshire Chambers!

I have been going over to Yorkshire and having a great time with Mistress Victoria and Mistress Jay they have a wonderful place, ‘The Yorkshire Chambers’. One of the more interesting sessions I have done lately being sploshing. The naughty young slave had never tried sploshing before but wanted to give it a go. We started with half an hour of forced fem with tie and teased, as he also had a cross dressing fantasy. He brought his own bra, panties and tights which I ordered he put on, I then stuffed his bra so it had some volume and tied him blindfolded to the bed… I teased him on the bed while taunting him about how I was gonna cover him in all sorts of food while laughing at him.. this excited the slave very much and I enjoyed it too… when the first half and hour was up I untied him and took the blindfold off and took him in to the wet room, I put him in the large bath and duct taped his hands together. I then started pouring the various foods over him.. jam, cream, beans, spaghetti, honey, flour, squirty cream, mayo, toffee source and eggs!  He was covered in mess and he LOVED it! I told him how he was a dirty little slut covered in filthy mess and laughed as I broke eggs on his head. I have done quite a lot of sploshing now and am happy to do more at The Yorkshire Chambers the combo of dungeon/wet room is perfect for a kinky messy slave.  (I do not have pics of the slave in mess I’m afraid as he did not want pics online, I do respect the private lives of My slaves of course!) I am available at the Yorkshire Chambers Mon-Sun but I require 24 hours notice at least at the moment, this will change when I pass My driving test soon.

2013-09-05 15.43.54

Punishment at Manchester Chambers!

I had a slave we will call slave S in at The Manchester Chambers recently, he was in search of a good punishment/some humiliation. I put My blindfold and hood on him and tied him to the bench where I gave him a good hand spanking until My hand was sore! I then used floggers, crops and wooden paddles on him until he could take no more. I then put him on the bed and dripped hot wax all over him then I attached nipple clamps and pulled on them till he begged Me to stop! Being a cruel bitch I then got him on the floor on all fours and attached a lead to the nipple clamps and I pulled him around by the nipple clamps treating him like the dog he is. I had him barking for Me and playing fetch! It was all very amusing for Me and the slave told Me later that he had a very fulfilling session! I am available all the time at The Manchester Chambers Mon-Sat.

2013-08-19 13.02.36

Phone sessions!

I have been doing quite a few phone sessions lately, these are very easy to set up, you call Me first for free to do a consultation, you then pay Me by amazon voucher (all you need is My email) then when I have the payment I text you and you call back and we do the phone session!. simple! I really enjoy phone sessions and cover all fetishes over the phone, call Me to set up or email!

contact info-



Salome xx

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