November’s 1st Original Sinners upload!

So it’s Friday and that means upload day on my alt porn site Original Sinners! I was gonna upload something dark, again haha. But it’s so dark and gloomy here in Manchester that I thought I would counteract that by uploading a nice bright set! So PINK it is, I have been saving this set for a rainy day.. and today has been very rainy indeed, I had to venture out this morning and do some errands which was damp and depressing! So here is a bright and cute set from me, called simply ‘Pink in Glasses’ as I have my old pink hair in this set and I also have my retro glasses on, which if you visit me on cam you will know I wear ALL the time… To see mind they are indeed REAL glasses, can’t even look at my laptop without my glasses on, but girls in glasses are HOT right? I think so and think you will too after checking out my new photo set, here’s the blurb…

‘Pink In Glasses’

‘Salome poses on the studio floor in a fishnet dress (often worn on cam) and her retro Glasses (always worn on cam so she can see) haha. This set contains a great deal of good face and butt shots.’

2013-11-01 16.47.40

Go check it out now at Original Sinners now by clicking the box below!


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