Original Sinners ZINE coming soon!

So I used to write a paper zine called ‘Call Girl’ it was named this as at the time I also ran a clothing label with the same name. I ran this clothing label for like 4 years with my sister kate. So we put the zine together and published it every other month, it was rad. People came in our little clothes shop to pick up a copy, they didn’t buy any of our lovely hand made clothing mind but at least they were enjoying the zine… right??? I also loved making it and do miss interviewing bands, burlesque performers, models, writing reviews.. we had all sorts in it and friends contributed. It was fun. SO now for my return to publishing a zine, this time online on my site OriginalSinners.net so I still wanna have rock/metal interviews, burlesque stuff but as my site is a FETISH site there will be a lot of fetish in the zine… and a lot of alt porn related articles. Also I wanna include some writing and interviews on sobriety as I gave up drinking 2 years ago and think it would be cool to talk to others who have done the same, like a lot of people in the creative industries do. Β So I’m just gonna email Slash and Alice now and ask them to talk to me haha πŸ˜‰

I am looking for contributors for the zine… so if you wanna write/interview/draw a comic/review/ do anything on the alt/fetish culture topics mentioned get in touch at salome_sin@hotmail.co.uk

Some pics of my old paper zine-

2013-11-11 16.23.38 2013-11-11 16.23.27 2013-11-11 16.22.26 2013-11-11 16.19.39


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