New set ‘Phantom Mistress’ plus RT Domme offers


So I just updated My site the new photo set is a spooky one! yay!… ghostly updates aren’t just for Halloween!

New ’Phantom Mistress’ photo set

 ‘The ghost of Mistress Salome Sin walks the halls of the notorious (and now closed) Manchester dungeon (Bury) longing to play with Her slaves again. Spooky set, worship Mistress as she looks perfect and gothic.’

2014-06-09 16.49.54 (Medium)

Click on the box below to view ALL My fetish/alt porn images, that’s over 1250 pics for £2 for 24 hours.



Real Time Domination offers!

Myself and Mistress Victoria are having a great time at Our dungeon lately -lot’s of fun sessions! Our double Domme offer of a double Domme hour app (a session with Myself and Mistress Victoria) for the price of a solo  has proved SO popular that We have decided to run some more offers on activities We love. Here is the list-

Double Domme sessions- £140

Double Domme plus a Trainee Mistress -£180

Double Domme plus sub paige- £200

Solo session with sub paige- £140

WS slave double: 2 hours -£80. 4 hours-£140. 6 hours-£200

Bondage, mummification, locked in cage or restrained & left for the day: £100

To be Mistresses foot stool -30mins -£40

Foot fetish solo 20mins- £60

Foot fetish double 30mins-£100

spanking solo- 20mins- £60

Latex worship 20mins-£60

Latex worship double 20mins-£100

If any of these offers appeal to you contact Me direct on 07521787823 or

For more info on Myself and Mistress Victoria go to Our site 

Here are some pics of what We have been up to at Our chamber!


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