My life in pics (last couple of weeks)

Top to bottom -So I went to Cornwall for a week on holiday and this is Me on the beach with My dog Axl… My feet on the beach for the foot slaves πŸ˜‰ …Me and Axl on holiday…next 2 -Me reunited with slave R after My holiday and giving him a spanking (catching up Domme style)… Me with a new young foot slave…next 4 the FINISHED purple dungeon (YAY!) the basement dungeon is finally complete and Me and Mistress Victoria are now seeing Our slaves down there… My glitter toes….My glitter nails… Me posing in the car!

For more info on My pro Domme life or if you are a slave interested in booking a session go toΒ


2014-06-14 15.59.39-1 2014-06-14 23.19.06 2014-06-15 16.05.51 2014-06-24 18.40.39 (Medium) 2014-06-29 15.28.58 2014-07-04 13.32.22 2014-07-05 18.53.39 2014-07-05 18.54.03 2014-07-05 18.54.17 2014-07-05 18.57.17 2014-07-07 09.18.55-1
2014-07-07 10.54.49-1 2014-07-07 22.17.11

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