Festive Friday 12th December: forced interaction with slave girl and/or TV slave!

Christmas is upon U/us and at the Manchester house of fetish, We are feeling pretty PicMonkey Collagefestive and very mischevious! We get a lot of requests for forced interaction, so We are dedicating a whole day to humiliating and degrading you bunch of pervs by forcing you to do very dirty things for Mine and Mistress Victoria’s amusement! Ahahahahaha.

Ewwww, I can imagine all those clit sticks leaking just at the very mention of interacting……Focus on what I’m saying BITCHES!!!!!!

On the day Myself and Mistress Victoria will be holding sessions in which you will be able to interact with Our slave girl and/or My TV slave while We watch on and humiliate, abuse and torment you.

Other sessions will also be available, such as all day Bondage slaves,  all day toilet slaves and double Domme sessions. The only difference will be both Our slave girl and Our TV slave will be on hand for interaction at any point through out the day, which is what makes it a little bit more SPECIAL in a pure filthy way!!!!!!

You will need to book in as you would with a normal session and you won’t be around other slaves (unless you want to). We will be available from 11am till 5pm.

To book call Us ASAP

PS: Hurry,  I want Our slave girl and TV slave to be well and truly used and abused!

Love Mistress Sin & Mistress Victoria x x x

Mistress Salome Sin: 07521787823

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