My recent fetish adventures!

Hiya slaves! 

I have been having an awesome time in the chamber since I returned from holiday. I had a nice relaxing time in the lakes but after a week I did miss My dungeon and was very keen to get back in to My latex! I have been having so much fun dressing up My slaves then humiliating and abusing them in such fun ways! I had a new sissy clean the toilet at My place with her mouth, only her first ever real session but now she is hooked on Me of course! I’ve been torturing a regular slave of Mine with a bag of nettles he brought Me- well what does he expect Me to do with a gift like that! haha. I dressed him as a sissy bitch then I stuffed her bra, panties and stockings with nettles! ha! Was so much fun… for Me. I also dressed another regular of Mine up for the first time, something different for him, I then had My sissy wash up the pots in a slutty outfit then I locked her in a cage, nipple clamps chained to the cage bars and gag and hood on with electrics turned UP… haha later I got him out and chained her bent over to the top of the cage then i gave her a good thrashing with some trusty paddles! See pics below!


Would you like to be one of My slaves? Worship Me and let Me have My fun abusing you? Well if so contact Me by calling 07521787823 or email

sessions available over 7 days early till late. MSSxx 

Some recent pics of your Goddess!…


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