Cage challenge!

Hello slaves and subbies!

My longest session: All day cage session (5 hours locked up) has proved to be very popular so far this year!! Seems you slaves like a challenge, a game, some of you even think you are stubborn and can’t be broken! HA! πŸ™‚ Β The challenge is a tribute of Β£300 but if you survive the 5 hours you get Β£50 back making it Β£250… But only if you last!! (only happened once!)…And Mistress doesn’t just throw you in a cage and leave you alone… Oh no, Mistress will have you in the cage and torment you with various kink activities throughout your time locked up depending on your personal fetishes and limits. Each session is tailor made for each sub of course by Miss. Typically the cage session can include further bondage (such as mummification /chains/cuffs/rope), sissy dress up, sensory deprivation, CBT, electrics, nipple play, verbal abuse/humiliation & WS and much more πŸ˜‰ So far slaves have lasted between 1 and 5 hours but the average is around 3! Up for the challenge?!! Cage sessions are available over 7 days, contact Me direct to book by phone on 07521787823 or email

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