Mario Kart session!!!

Hey subs, sissy sluts and fetish fans 🙂

Hope you are all keeping well, I am. I’m very glad it’s Spring nice to see some sun! I did the most awesome session recently with one of My regs, I treated him to a Mario kart challenge session! …So basically the same kinda thing as My very popular quiz game session but playing video games rather than general knowledge questions. So we played My fave ever video game: Mario Kart and after each grand prix round, depending on whether slave won or lost he got punished or rewarded! We played 3 rounds and I won the 1st, we drew the 2nd and he won the 3rd! (even tho I was torturing him throughout!) …so it was officially a draw! I won’t lie I was a bit unhappy I didn’t win so he may have got ball busted a little at the end! 😉

2017-03-03 11.26.58

So fancy a game? I enjoyed this session so much I decided to add it to My regular list of special/extended sessions:

90 mins Mario Kart challenge session £170 -play 3 rounds of Mario Kart with Mistress and get treated if you win or punished if you lose each round! You will also be in bondage while playing and includes torment/verbal abuse/humiliation through out. 

2 hour sissy maid training/session -£160 (includes maid dress up, cleaning, serving & play,verbal abuse/humiliation)

2 hour Mistress’s foot stool while she watches TV/plays video games- £160 (Can include bondage, blindfolds and verbal abuse/humiliation)

All day cage session (5 hours locked up) £300 but if you survive the 5 hours you get £50 back making it £250… But only if you last! Can include bondage, sensory deprivation, CBT, electrics, nipple play, verbal abuse/humiliation & WS)

2 hours watersports, slave gets left and used as toilet- £160 (WS only no HS don’t ask)

90 mins Quiz game session -£170, play a quiz game with quiz Mistress Sin and get a punishment for every wrong question and a treat for every right question! 

If you would like to book a Mario Kart session or any other session from My special sessions list contact Me via phone/email on 07521787823 or (standard half hour, 1 hour, 2 hour sessions are also always available)



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