Manchester foot fetish Mistress

Hello foot & shoe lovers! (and everyone else)

I adore foot fetish and shoe/boot worship! It is one of My fave fetishes and I do it as much as poss in My sessions, unless it is a slaves limit of course… I tend to attract foot fetish kinksters tho as of course like attracts like and My feet attract worship!! πŸ™‚ I often get told My feet are perfect and the best feet a sub has ever seen… some of My fave quotes I’ve had recently about My feet include ‘Your feet are proof God exists, you have the feet of an Angel’ pretty cheesy but I’m not gonna disagree! haha. Another I had last week was ‘Your feet are so relaxed, smooth and perfect they are in better condition than the Queens’ haha kinda cheeky not as if I only sit with My feet up! Sometimes I stand to give a slave a good flogging! πŸ˜‰

If you would like to come worship My feet and clean My shoes yourself you may book a session by calling Me on 07521787823 or you may email (other sessions also welcome of course, check My ‘sessions’ page for info of all My likes and limits) I am available over 7 days at My own well equipped private play room just 10 mins drive from Manchester city center, near a motorway exit and easy to get the tram/bus also. I do sessions from early till late but if you would like a morning session (anything before midday) it is best to book in advance: at least the day before. Same day sessions are often available at lunchtime, in the afternoon or evening but I do get busy so book in advance if you have a date in mind. Always give Me a ring on the day if you fancy a session that day and see what I’m up to, if you call Me and I miss your call you may text Me with your session request.

Here are some images from recent sessions:

Love Miss Sin xx

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