Summer Sin

Hello subs, slaves, sissy girls and pervs!

Ms Sin here with a summer update for you all! Hope you are all good and kinky! I am very well! πŸ™‚ I have been having a ball in My fetish play room and I’ve been very much enjoying sessions with some wonderful new subs and My amazing regs alike. I have been at the hair salon and I’ve gone back to platinum blonde hair with a pale pink tint from the golden blonde ombre I’ve had the past 2 years- this may mean nothing to most of you blokes! haha. But anyway I like it and it looks good! Think that’s all that matters πŸ˜‰ See pics below-

I mostly don’t take pics in sessions these days, I usually just snap a pic of Myself either before or after and post it on My twitter pageΒ ..and sometimes I even forget to do that if I’m having too much kinky fun πŸ˜‰ But one awesome session I did get lots of pics of lately was a Mario Kart session with My loyal and lovely sissy slut Amber. Amber had been in chastity for 4 days running up to the session and I made her wear her stockings and frilly panties under her clothing on the way to session! To begin I got her dressed up in a pink PVC maids outfit so she was ready to submit to Me… Then I fired up the Nintendo and we began to play Mario Kart.. sounds fun and mild, possibly even relaxing huh?? Well this was no normal game of Mario kart! In My games of MK the sub is always at a disadvantage, firstly because I am just so good at it and secondly I torture the poor submissive throughout! haha. In Amber’s case I put stinging nettles in her bra and panties to begin with and gave her punishments when she lost a race (which was most of the time) and rewards when she won (rarely). Some of the punishments for losing include spanking, CBT, nipple torture and of course humiliation andΒ  embarrassment!Β  Rewards when given included freedom from chastity, bondage with teasing and smothering, all of which Amber enjoyed of course. So there you had a rare peek in to one of My sessions, if you would like to play Mario kart with Me head over to My sessions and bookings page and have a read!

As well as a playful full on torture session i do adore softer worship sessions too, I do specialize in foot fetish (and associated leg/bottom worship). I am such a lover of foot worship that I have a separate website dedicated to all things feet, I offer fresh/clean feet sessions and for the sub who enjoys a more fragrant foot I do offer post workout sticky/smelly feet sessions!Β Popular foot session activities include foot cleaning, foot worship, shoe worship, foot smothering, trampling, foot massage, foot stool/human furniture and foot smelling. Head over to My foot fetish site at for more info.

To book a session have a good read of My website then contact Me direct:

callΒ  07521787823

or email

Ms Salome Sin xx

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