A sub’s thoughts after a session with Me

Hello all, I recently saw a submissive from the South East and had a fabulous session with him. This sub was quite experienced having seen a variety of Mistresses from all over the country. He outlined his interests and limits with Me beforehand. When we met we had a nice chat before the session about his fetishes and life in general! This is not rare for Me I am not a clock watcher and enjoy a relaxed chat before session. This is especially so with a new sub as I feel a little chat before session can lead to a better session, as some amount of a relationship has developed before the kink begins. Having said this I do understand if you are shy and do not want to talk much before session, as I do of course know that some new subs find it hard to verbalize their fetishes. My slave enjoyed his experience with Me so much he asked if he could write his thoughts down for Me, I agreed and below you will find his account of his session with Me.

‘ i visited Mistress Sin at Her Manchester playroom in the middle of May. Mistress had been very generous in Her communications with me in advance, allowing me to outline some of my likes. By the time i arrived i was in a heightened state of excitement and anticipation about what might be to come. Mistress was beautiful and beguiling, warm and welcoming, sitting me down and generously giving more of Her own time to talking to me and ensuring She understood my likes and limits before we began. Having assessed and dissected me mentally She went off to prepare herself. This was when my anticipation reached its peak – would She understand me, would She meet my needs, would i be safe and secure under Her dominance? i needn’t have worried. On Her return She immediately put me in my place – on my knees in front of Her, naturally – and for the next hour and a half i was guided through what must be the most sublime and enjoyable sub experience i have had. Not only did Mistress cater to all of my loves and likes, She anticipated how i would have wanted the session to progress with great skill and intuition and took me to places that i never expected i would want to go. Her brilliance and beauty are beyond compare. The things she does with cling film mean that i can never think of preserving left-overs in the same way again. Her cupboards and drawers are full of delicious instruments of punishment and the secret box She pulled out from under the bench contained such exquisite articles that took me to a joyous place. i don’t want to go into too much detail, just let it be said that Mistress is a beguiling, skillful, powerful, enchanting, intoxicating, addictive proponent of the Arts of Female Dominance and Her attentions to me left me in a state of ecstasy, bliss and serenity. i would visit Her again in an instant if She would have me, and even now i am contriving any opportunity to go back to Manchester as soon as i can.Thank You Mistress, you made this sub very, very happy.

If you would like to book a session with Me please read My ‘Sessions, Rates and Booking’ page then contact Me directly:

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Ms Sin xx

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