Happy Halloween clips!

Happy Halloween subs, slaves and sluts!

To celebrate Halloween I have produced some spooktastic clips! All quite different as well to suit different kinks and creepy delights! My 3 Halloween clips for this year are listed below..

Wicked Worship

This Halloween you don’t want candy!…. you want stockings, My sweaty stockings! I’m gonna tease you with My stockings and suspenders, I know they make you so week, Mistress looks so good in them all you can do is drool.

I’m gonna make you worship every inch of My stockings, smell My sweaty nylon covered feet… I’m gonna smother you with My perfect toes and after I take My stockings off I’m gonna have you lick the sweat off My bare feet! Happy Halloween!

Available on Clips4Sale https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/147289/22213551/wicked-worship

and IWantClips https://iwantclips.com/store/62222/Mistress-Salome-Sin/1935294/Wicked-Worship

Strap On Seduction

After meeting Me in a rock bar you come back to My apartment with Me, you were so taken with My curvy body in the bar you couldn’t say no when I invited you home… When we get to My place we discuss which of My curves you like best? Was it My big natural boobs? Or My curvy ass looking so fine in My denim hot pants.

I seduce you with My bare brests and totally mesmerize you! you can’t take your eyes off Me, you start to feel very submissive… After lots of topless mesmerizing you feel the desire to lick My boots and worship My denim covered ass, you will do anything I say, you have longed for a Mistress like Me!

you find yourself on your knees and blindfolded, I tell you that you are My slave now, you are in agreement and have never felt so good. I take the blindfold off and you continue to worship My curvy body, My boobs, My corset, My big hips… you want to go down further but what’s this between My legs??? you were not expecting to be met with My big, hard strap on cock… this is all new for you, but you suddenly have the desire to suck My cock, you want it in your mouth. The curves the cock, it’s all blowing your mind! you really weren’t expecting this when you went to the rock bar tonight but you love the feeling of My cock fucking your face and you love it even more when I call you good boy!

Available on Clips4Sale https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/147289/22250353/strap-on-seduction

and IWantClips https://iwantclips.com/store/62222/Mistress-Salome-Sin/1940234/Strap-On-Seduction

Halloween SPH role play

you enter Goddess Sin’s Witches parlour a few days before Halloween, you are in search of some help with a little problem you have… your cock has always been tiny, some would say it was a micropenis in fact. you have longed for a big cock so you can fuck a woman like a real man.

Goddess Sin can help, I will first have to inspect your tiny cock, don’t be shy! Then I will make you a spell to lift the curse of your micropenis. I will need different ingredients to make the potion, some of Mistress’s spit, some wax, some Goddess water and lastly your own cum! you will have to drink all this of course, well you will if you hope to ever have a decent size dick!! Of course, you will be humiliated and tormented the whole time you are in My witches parlour!

Available on Clips4Sale https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/147289/22267925/halloween-sph-role-play

and IWantClips https://iwantclips.com/store/62222/Mistress-Salome-Sin

Have a great & ghoulish Halloween subs! Ms Salome Sin xxx

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