RT Sessions available!

Hello subs, so 2020 is one hell of a year, right? I think we could all use some kink and fantasy!! I am pleased to announce I can take in a couple of real-time bookings a week now. Of course, all COVID precautions are taken into account and deep cleaning in between sessions is obvious and nothing new for Me to be honest! I always clean and sanitize everything after each session and hand sanitiser has always been on hand, I do have extra now though. All surfaces are cleaned between sessions, including door handles and light switches and such. You will be expected to remove your shoes on arrival and use sanitiser, I will then ask you to shower before the session, so do as you’re told and don’t ask stupid questions. You will not have to wear a mask in session but please don’t ask Me to spit in your face, a request which has been surprisingly popular lately ha.

Regular subs, slaves I’ve seen before and new clients are welcome to book. I’d rather you didn’t call Me to book I much prefer a text, email or fill out My contact form if you are a new sub. A call to discuss your fetishes can be arranged after I’ve received your deposit via bank transfer or amazon gift card. 


emailΒ mistresssin@hotmail.co.ukΒ Text: 07521787823

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