Gothtober has begun!

Hello My spooky subs! Most of you are probably very aware (or can easily guess) that I simply LOVE Halloween and Autumn in general. I love the leaves falling and the cosy nights in (the dungeon! haha).. I adore a pumpkin spiced latte and wearing boots with (fake) fur coats! To celebrate Gothtober I am making Halloween content all month for My AVN Stars and IWantClips profiles. Below are the details of My first clip… & more to come each week..

Gothic Librarian Puts A Curse On Your Cock

you go to the library on a dark October night to return that book you’ve had for eternity. It’s cold creepy night, when you arrive at the library a gothic beauty in a black dress and red lips greets you, not what you were expecting!

The librarian checks in your book unimpressed you’ve had it so long, you may think after this you’d be on your way back home, but you would be wrong.

The stunning but spooky librarian convinces you to stay, She seduces you with Her enchanting eyes and killer curves.. you are powerless to leave. The night is not turning out as you had expected, the librarian is teasing you, showing you Her boots and stockings.. things get even more bizarre when She encourages you to undress and get your cock out… But who are you to argue, you’re feeling very submissive… you stroke as She commands but this may be to your demise, it is Halloween after all!

Live now for AVN Stars subscribers & in My stores! If you subscribe on AVN you will not only get access to this new clip you’ll get access to ALL the clips in My AVN store (currently 32 clips) and galleries (currently 1750 pics and 288 vids).

You can also go to My IWantClips store to get this clip and many more there.

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