Halloween content!

Hey Subs I’ve been uploading lots of Halloween content, here are My latest creations:

Sea Siren Seduction

The Sea Siren wants you! She needs your worship daily to survive, it’s like food to Her, She can not survive without it. She will enchant and seduce you so you go with Her and become one of Her many slaves. She will take your soul and drag you to her underwater kingdom, you will stay chained up to be used at Her pleasure for eternity. Her intense eyes and exquisite curves will put a spell on you which you’ll be unable to resist.. you will happily give Her what She wants… Everything you have.


I’ve also made 2 audio only clips:

Trick Or Feet

you’re out trick or treating on a dark Halloween night when unknowingly you knock on a Witch’s door. The Witch has no Halloween candy for you but invites you in any way.. She is so beautiful you follow Her inside without hesitation. When indoors cosy in the warmth She notices you keep staring at Her feet, She has stunning thigh-high boots on with a velvet dress. She notices your stares and before long realises you must have a foot fetish.. Taking advantage of this She makes you remove Her boots and give Her a foot rub, She can see how enchanted you are by Her sticky and sweaty feet. The Witch soon has you licking Her smelly feet clean, you would do anything She says you are so turned on! She uses you as a human door mat wiping Her feet all over your face, who needs Halloween candy when you have feet!

Lost In The Woods

You’re lost in the woods one dark Autumn night, scared and alone with no torch you wonder how you will find your way. Out of nowhere, you bump into a beautiful Witch, She can tell you’re lost and insists She’ll help you out. She practically drags you with Her assuring you She’ll take you back to the town. you can here wolves all around and the forest is dark and thick. After walking a while the Witch insists you need to hide from the wolves, scared, you do anything She says.. But things are not as they seem.. She has tricked you! you are now tied to a tree and will be stripped naked to become Her plaything. She desires to sit on you and totally smother your face with her bottom leaving you breathless.

Live now for AVN Stars subscribers & in My stores! If you subscribe on AVN you will not only get access to these 3 new clips you’ll get access to ALL the clips in My AVN store (currently 36 clips) and galleries (currently 1700 pics and 310 vids). https://stars.avn.com/mistresssalomesin

You can also go to My IWantClips store to get all My clips individually https://iwantclips.com/store/62222/Mistress-Salome-Sin

I still have more content planned for Halloween on Saturday so subscribe and stay tuned! Ms Sin xx

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