Back To Work

Hello subs, you may have noticed I took most of summer off work if you follow Me online. I did do some real-time (as you may know if you saw Me!) But to be honest I took 80% of the summer off to travel and have some great staycations. However as Autumn is upon us I am officially back to work full time! This means sessions available over 7 days 11.30am till late. I am now fully vaccinated and of course My playroom is cleaned after every session with sessions being spread over the week. I do not cram 2 or 3 sessions into one day, I like to spread things out to give My full focus and energy to each booking. If you contacted Me over summer and I didn’t reply please get in touch again now, all polite and serious enquiries will be answered within 24 hours!

Autumn Offer- I’m gonna treat you to an early Halloween special this year:

Mistress’s footstool Horror/Spooky movie- 90 mins, £160 -Be My human footstool while I watch a Halloween movie, I will use you as human furniture and have you clean/massage My feet too as I relax. (Can include bondage, blindfolds and verbal abuse/humiliation. Can be fresh feet or sweaty/smelly gym feet -your preference) Sept 1st till Oct 31st, normally £180

For a full list of sessions I offer see My bookings page


Text: 07521787823 (no calls)

REMINDER: If you paid a deposit earlier this year then cancelled your session you only had till the end of summer to rearrange. All deposits were wiped at the end of August.
A clean slate for Autumn 😁🍁I do not care why you had to cancel.

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