Christmas 2021 Offers

Here is My festive session list for this year, please head to My contact form to book your session. Christmas sessions include extra torture in the form of Crimbo music and decor! 😅

Christmas party games humiliation session 2 hours £220 you will play a few games with Mistress such as musical statues -if you move you get punished… you will be made to dress up, serve Mistress, any game I come up with you will play and entertain Me.. Not for shy subs! Heavy on the humiliation and degradation! Can also include any kinks I cover as punishments, see My likes and limits page.

Ultimate Christmas session 4 hours £440 A 1-hour intense session, followed by 2 hours in bondage (mummification, cage or body bag) followed by another 1-hour intense session! The ultimate Christmas treat for a true sub, not for the faint-hearted! Can include any kinks I cover, see My likes and limits page.

 Festive Mummification 4 hours £340 Mistress adores mummification, enjoy 4 hours wrapped up tight in plastic wrap while I tease and torment you! (can include sensory deprivation, CBT, nipple play, smothering, teasing, foot fetish, and verbal abuse)

Mistress’s Christmas footstool 90 mins £160 -Be My human footstool while I watch a festive movie, I will use you as human furniture and have you clean/massage My feet too as I relax. (Can include bondage, blindfolds, and verbal abuse/humiliation. Can be fresh feet or sweaty/smelly gym feet -your preference)

Christmas cage session 4 hours locked up £340- You will be locked away & left in My cage and I will be coming back to torture, torment, and humiliate you throughout the session. (Can include extra bondage, sensory deprivation, CBT, electrics, nipple play, verbal abuse/humiliation, wax play)

Christmas sessions available Nov 15th till Jan 10th 🎅