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Manchester foot fetish Mistress

6 Apr

Hello foot & shoe lovers! (and everyone else)

I adore foot fetish and shoe/boot worship! It is one of My fave fetishes and I do it as much as poss in My sessions, unless it is a slaves limit of course… I tend to attract foot fetish kinksters tho as of course like attracts like and My feet attract worship!! 🙂 I often get told My feet are perfect and the best feet a sub has ever seen… some of My fave quotes I’ve had recently about My feet include ‘Your feet are proof God exists, you have the feet of an Angel’ pretty cheesy but I’m not gonna disagree! haha. Another I had last week was ‘Your feet are so relaxed, smooth and perfect they are in better condition than the Queens’ haha kinda cheeky not as if I only sit with My feet up! Sometimes I stand to give a slave a good flogging! 😉

If you would like to come worship My feet and clean My shoes yourself you may book a session by calling Me on 07521787823 or you may email mistresssin@hotmail.co.uk (other sessions also welcome of course, check My ‘sessions’ page for info of all My likes and limits) I am available over 7 days at My own well equipped private play room just 10 mins drive from Manchester city center, near a motorway exit and easy to get the tram/bus also. I do sessions from early till late but if you would like a morning session (anything before midday) it is best to book in advance: at least the day before. Same day sessions are often available at lunchtime, in the afternoon or evening but I do get busy so book in advance if you have a date in mind. Always give Me a ring on the day if you fancy a session that day and see what I’m up to, if you call Me and I miss your call you may text Me with your session request.

Here are some images from recent sessions:

Love Miss Sin xx

NEW overnight sessions available at My Manchester House of Fetish

28 Jan

Hello slaves and subs and others having a peek!!

Hope you are all behaving this January! As many of you know My specialty is double Domme sessions with Mistress Victoria. We do plenty of doubles and have been doing all day sessions for the last 8 months on a very regular basis. Our day sessions are very popular and We now offer all night sessions too!! For the ultimate slave lifestyle experience with Us come spend the night at Our Manchester House of Fetish!!!

If you fantasise about completely immersing yourself in to a 24/7 slavery scenario and you want to deepen your BDSM experience and submit for more than a couple of hours I do recommend an overnight session. Myself and Mistress Victoria specialise in extended Double Domme sessions and are both genuine lifestyle Mistresses, because of this We are very experienced in making fantasies a reality.

An extended session is not like 12 or 14 one hour sessions in a row. An overnight session is a full 12 hours or more under Our control and this is what makes an overnight session an intense slavery experience. Once you arrive We would start with with a one hour session which would then be followed by the experience of being chained, caged or put in a bodybag and being locked up for the night. However if you wish, after the initial one hour session you may be allowed to serve both Me and Mistress Victoria in a domestic setting until We decide it is time for you to be locked up overnight .

The actual ”lock up” may include a range of different activities such as sensory deprivation and anything from light and comfortable restraint, to restrictive bondage, being caged, or being tied to the St Andrews cross with rope and chains. Once in bondage We would check on you every now and then and torment you for Our own amusement or even use you as a urinal (watersports) through out the night.

A overnight lock up session would cost £600 for the night. For more info or to book call 07521787823 or email mistresssin@hotmail.co.uk

Mistress Salome Sin x x

2015-01-09 15.31.20

Hello 2015!! Double Domme report!

8 Jan

Happy new year slaves and subs… and anyone else having a peek at My blog!:)

It’s been a great start to the new year at My Manchester House of Fetish. I have had a blast in solo sessions and doubles with Mistress Victoria since NY, great start to January.

So at the start of the week Myself and Mistress Victoria did a really fun double Domme session with a slave that was new to Us.. Always great to meet a new slave and we had a very fun session with all kinds of play, he was humiliated and abused by Us and he loved every min of it, so much so that he wrote a glowing report on the session for My Adult Work page. Below is a full copy of that report so you can read about just how wonderful a double Domme session with Myself and Mistress Victoria really is!!

Report On: Miss_Salome_Sin (46) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
Report By: playfuljohn
Meet Date: Tuesday 6 January
Meet Location: Salford
Type: In-call
Time Spent: 1 hour(s)
Fee: £180
Would visit again: Yes
Would recommend: Yes
Value for money: Excellent
Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10
rating & Feedback
Positive – I can’t wait to return to serve two such beautiful Dommes. This was the session I have fantasised about for years.
About the Venue Score: 9/10
Mistress Salome and Mistress Victoria have their own private dungeon. It is easy to find and discrete.Their apartment easily accessible, yet safe and secure.
About Miss_Salome_Sin
Physical Score: 10/10
Both Mistresses are stunningly beautiful – different in appearance, but the same in their approach to BDSM. They dress in fetish clothes which enhance the experience.
Personality Score: 10/10
The Mistresses took complete control from the moment they started to use and abuse me. Some supposed Dommes are only acting out a role. My two wonderful Mistresses really are dominant ladies who enjoy being who they are.
Services Score: 10/10
We had an initial chat about my BDSM background and what I was hoping for from the session. They put me through as many things as possible from their list of things they enjoy (and they really do enjoy them – no faking) in the time, which did run over.
About the Meeting Score: 10/10
I phoned Mistress Salome at the phone number on her profile and she agreed to meet me for a same-day appointment at very short notice. As we were discussing the arrangements, she asked if I would like a Double Domme session, to which I readily agreed – which proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. For many years, I have fantasised about being used by two beautiful Dommes and this was one of the very rare occasion when reality genuinely outdid my fantasies.
As I entered, I was offered a shower by Mistress Salome, but I had one immediately before setting out. I was shown into the dungeon and introduced to Mistress Victoria. I couldn’t believe how beautiful they both are. We discussed out common areas of interest and they left me to get changed. When they re-appeared, my legs went to jelly as I looked up at them from my kneeling position.
They immediately took total control and had me trembling with apprehension, excitement and pleasure for the next hour (in fact, well over an hour). They obviously enjoyed what they do and they work so well as a pair. They are both on the same wavelength and there were NO awkward “what shall we do next?” chats. They complement each other so well.
Although there is no sex involved and the Mistresses are untouchable, this was incredibly arousing. My cock was straining throughout my visit.
I am now committed as their new slut-slave and I can’t wait until I serve them again, particularly if they hold any more “interactive” days. I want to experience everything on their “Likes” list and, for future visits, I’m hoping that we won’t have a chat about the session when I arrive – I just want to put myself in their hands as soon as I walk through the door, knowing that they are true Dommes who will use me for their own pleasure.What you get out of your visit will depend on how you respect your Mistresses and how you respond to their control/

Photos from this session-

2015-01-05 12.34.25 (Medium)2015-01-05 (Medium)2015-01-05 18.07.14 (Medium)2015-01-05 12.44.49 (Medium)

Check out Mine and Mistress Victoria’s duo site for all info on

Our famous doubles! newmanchesterdungeon.co.uk

Call Me on 07521787823 to book a solo or double session

you may also email- mistresssin@hotmail.co.uk

2015-01-04 18.12.16-1 (Medium)

Love Miss Salome Sin x x

New gamer girl pic set on way!!

29 Aug


You may have noticed how I am a massive fan of Nintendo if you keep up with My tweets and such 🙂 I regularly play My WiiU and My 3DS. I am super excited to say I have a gamer girl set on the way. I am currently editing the set and am going for a fantasy/futuristic look for the set so it’s gonna look a little different from My usual stuff. I plan to have the set up on originalsinners.net asap but here are some edits I have been working on/trying out on so far-

space edit (Medium) edit1 (Medium) edit2b (Medium)


8 Aug

NEW photo set on OriginalSinners.net  -Red latex in dungeon

So I had some issues uploading new content for a couple of weeks which was annoying as I had this set ready :/ BUT it’s all worked out now and I was able to upload this new set shot in My own dungeon I own with Mistress Victoria! 🙂 The dress is brand new from Westward bound and it is a perfect fit, this is the dungeon where I session all the time and all the action happens 🙂

’27 professionally shot photos of Mistress Salome Sin in Her dungeon. Worship Miss.Sin in Her skin tight red latex and stockings. Shot July 2014.’

2014-08-08 11.08.05 (Medium)

To view the whole set and all My other fetish/alt porn pics (that’s over 1290) go to OriginalSinners.net now 🙂

My life in pics (last couple of weeks)

8 Jul

Top to bottom -So I went to Cornwall for a week on holiday and this is Me on the beach with My dog Axl… My feet on the beach for the foot slaves 😉 …Me and Axl on holiday…next 2 -Me reunited with slave R after My holiday and giving him a spanking (catching up Domme style)… Me with a new young foot slave…next 4 the FINISHED purple dungeon (YAY!) the basement dungeon is finally complete and Me and Mistress Victoria are now seeing Our slaves down there… My glitter toes….My glitter nails… Me posing in the car!

For more info on My pro Domme life or if you are a slave interested in booking a session go to http://www.mistress-salome-sin.co.uk/


2014-06-14 15.59.39-1 2014-06-14 23.19.06 2014-06-15 16.05.51 2014-06-24 18.40.39 (Medium) 2014-06-29 15.28.58 2014-07-04 13.32.22 2014-07-05 18.53.39 2014-07-05 18.54.03 2014-07-05 18.54.17 2014-07-05 18.57.17 2014-07-07 09.18.55-1
2014-07-07 10.54.49-1 2014-07-07 22.17.11

New set ‘Phantom Mistress’ plus RT Domme offers

9 Jun

So I just updated My site originalsinners.net the new photo set is a spooky one! yay!… ghostly updates aren’t just for Halloween!

New ’Phantom Mistress’ photo set

 ‘The ghost of Mistress Salome Sin walks the halls of the notorious (and now closed) Manchester dungeon (Bury) longing to play with Her slaves again. Spooky set, worship Mistress as she looks perfect and gothic.’

2014-06-09 16.49.54 (Medium)

Click on the box below to view ALL My fetish/alt porn images, that’s over 1250 pics for £2 for 24 hours.



Real Time Domination offers!

Myself and Mistress Victoria are having a great time at Our dungeon lately -lot’s of fun sessions! Our double Domme offer of a double Domme hour app (a session with Myself and Mistress Victoria) for the price of a solo  has proved SO popular that We have decided to run some more offers on activities We love. Here is the list-

Double Domme sessions- £140

Double Domme plus a Trainee Mistress -£180

Double Domme plus sub paige- £200

Solo session with sub paige- £140

WS slave double: 2 hours -£80. 4 hours-£140. 6 hours-£200

Bondage, mummification, locked in cage or restrained & left for the day: £100

To be Mistresses foot stool -30mins -£40

Foot fetish solo 20mins- £60

Foot fetish double 30mins-£100

spanking solo- 20mins- £60

Latex worship 20mins-£60

Latex worship double 20mins-£100

If any of these offers appeal to you contact Me direct on 07521787823 or mistresssin@hotmail.co.uk

For more info on Myself and Mistress Victoria go to Our site newmanchesterdungeon.co.uk 

Here are some pics of what We have been up to at Our chamber!